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Default TRX Off Road w/ Hemi or 4.7L V8? That is the question...

Well, got a baby on the way and I own a little coupe. So I'm about to sell my car and get an 09 Ram TRX Off Road That way I have more space in the back seat, can haul my furniture when we move around (in the Army and tired of borrowing friends trucks everytime I move to a different base), and can still retain my manhood (especially after buying a V6 Firebird). I'm seeing on some sites that the Hemi actually gets better MPG than the 4.7 but will cost a little more out the door. Is this true? Does the 4.7 not have the fuel management system that shuts down 4 cylinders when cruising? Also, is the TRX Off Road the best 4X4 for 09 Rams? The dealership guy I'm talking to seems to believe that it is. Or he just trying to sell me a more expensive truck? Help..........
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