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I hauled Top Tier Fuel for 13 years,if consumers knew what was actually in that mid-grade fuel they most likely wouldn't run it in their lawn-mower.
Much less pay the higher price for the swill.Its a solid profit maker for the vendors.

Depending on the left overs in our transports(200-400 gallons) we were often directed to unload in the mid-grade tank.
That 200-400 could be anything from straight 87* to 91-93*and even
#2 Diesel
600 gal of diesel added to 6-8K gal of gasoline wasn't uncommon.
Granted it didn't happen everyday or every week,once is to much IMO.
Chasing "ping" issues due to bolt-on mods with progressive octanes is like pushing a chain.

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u b e r m e n s c h . o r g
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Octane Ratings
by Matthew Kramer

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Then you too will need to follow the path of high-performance cars, and use a higher octane. But don't go straight for the 103 at your local 76 station, or the 112 at the race track. Increase by little bits. If you find your engine originally required 87 octane, see how it behaves on 89. If it still knocks at times, go up to 92.

Don't waste your money on $3.50/gal fuel that's not going to do a damn thing for you. Let your moronic friends do that. It depletes their budget for nice performance mods while you save the bucks.
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