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I just bought the havoline today and Im going to change it tomorrow.I also bought a purolator filter this time.I hear they are the best for retaining the oil in the engine without dumping it back into the pan.I have used seafoam in the tank and oil,and no results yet.As far as gas,I have always used the cheap stuff and never had any problems.I could try some premium,I guess.Im going to try the havoline,if that doesnt work Im going to try this stuff called Zmax.If that doesnt work,I may pull the pan and check the pump and screen for blockage.perhaps the pump is weak,not getting proper lubrication to the top of engine at startup.If I pull the pan,Im hoping I do not see something i do not want to,if you know what I mean.Ill let you know if the havoline is a fix.Thanks for your input.I appreciate it.
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