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Default Sorry Fellas....In a Bit Of a Bind Here......

I apologize for just jumping in out of the blue, son-in-law ( Marine stationed in 29 Palms Ca. ) has a 4x4 98 1500 extra cab, 5.4 litre. Due to reasons that are really way too complicated to go into here, he needs a complete drivetrain. I Anyhow he has a leave coming up in April, and he will be deployed for Afganistan in Sept. I have found a line on a 4x4 2001 5.9 litre 1500 that I can pick up salvaged. The drivetrain is intact, the truck runs and rolls, just severe body damage from a roll-over. Does anyone here know off-hand if these drivetrains can be swapped out?? The 98 is a stretch cab, the 01 is a standard cab, so a 98 driveshaft would be needed, I guess. I am 14 hours away from them, and will have to use at least a week of vacation to go help them out. There is an auto-hobby facility on base that has engine hoists, tools and all that kind of stuff. I just need a little help in determining if this swap can/has been made. Sorry to bust in here. We would really appreciate any help on this matter.......Thanks......ROG
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