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Originally Posted by Bighorn5.7 View Post
I understand what you are saying, thats why i bring it up on here. I can try and attach the info i have that i believe came from the predator forum talking about modifying the 91 canned tune to be able to run 89. If no one has done it i dont really intend on doing it myself as i dont know enough about what i am looking at when i pull up the data logging. Just was looking for a happy medium with the fuel i have available where i am at. I looked at your thread on the predator dyno of your rig on the 91 tune and it is pretty impressive. I also have an 07 and would think i would have a similar result. Just hard to get the wife to understand paying for premium fuel even though it is really nominal additional cost to something that is getting pretty spendy!
Yup but my truck gets much better mileage on 92 octane gas so I'm doing better than if I was running 89 or 87. Even when stock my truck barely at all on 87, I got shitty mileage on both 87 & 89 and it ran poorly on 89. I've seen what happens to a HEMI with a Predator tune and someone running a lower octane than the tune calls for. Not pretty... So it's probably a wash for me. I could run 89 and get worse mileage or run 92 and get better mileage. I think it would work out to be about the same cost and since the truck runs crappy on 89, I'll run 92 thank you very much.

Originally Posted by Bighorn5.7 View Post
17) Running 89 or 100 Octane Fuel
Since the introduction of this tool, many have asked if they can run 89 octane fuel with a Predator tune. The answer is Yes and No! If you are going to install a Canned Tune shipped with the Predator, you Must run at least 91 octane and NO you cannot run 89 octane fuel. Diablosport has authorized using Modify Tune on the Perf 91 or Perf 91 CAI tune, by retarding timing 2 degrees in all six WOT Spark settings to run 89 octane fuels, so in this case, YES you can once timing is retarded 2 degrees as listed. Make sure you log some WOT passes and play them back to insure no LT Retard appeared. Similarly, if you are at the race track and can purchase 100 Octane Low Lead, you can Advance the timing of the 91 octane tune by 4 degrees, maybe 5 with data logging to check for knock.
Now You Should Be A Predator Expert! XE
Interesting info for sure. I see they want you to log and make sure there's no LT Retard so that tells me that they aren't sure about this and would like US to test it. Uhm.....No Thanks, DS. I'm just fine with the way things are.

Originally Posted by Bighorn5.7 View Post
Well i may give this a go once i have some more expierence with the data logger and get a laptop. For now i am following maddogs advice and am running the same tune and setup he had when his truck was dynoed for the summer anyway!.
Good luck with that tune. I like it in mine a lot. I'm thinking I might splurge on a CMR tune to see just what we get!
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