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Well as an update to this thread I found an unused predator on ebay with the pc usb link included for $325 free shipping. I was getting 12 to 15 mpg like the sticker says, I then added an K&N CAI and a catback MagnaFlow exhaust, I got the largest size as I don't want the rumble all the time but it sounds sweet when the throttle is firmly applied .
I programmed my brain with the 89octane tune first and took it for a test of about 60 miles. well I got around an average of 10 to 11 mpg.... well I was in excess of 100 to 110 the whole way. LOL then on the way back I used the cruise control @ 75 mph, I got around 18mpg then I slowed to 70mph and I was getting almost 20mpg and then to 65mph and I damn near got 22mpg. I'm sure if I went 55,(seems slower than walking) I would be at 24.

Then I filled up with 93octane and changed the program to 93 performance and I still get around the same mpg but it doesn't hesitate at all in the take off department and runs smooth, still weighing whether performance warrants extra cost.
Bottom line is I loved what these small mods did to gas milage, topped with the fact that the DP not only programs, it changes different parameters, and is a code reader, something that can save you at least $75 every time you need a trouble code read.

Thanks for the advice and input.

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