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Default Bbk 90mm tb installed

I just installed the throttle body today. Install would be pretty simple if you just bolt the throttle body on. But it's never that simple write! The BBK 90mm is I would say 7 out of 10 quality wise. Casting is ok could be better I think but overall it's not bad. My install was a pain. Just because of the intake manifold. It's only 83mm I measured it with a micrometer. So I had to open the inlet up 7mm. I donít think anyone could do that with this manifold there is just not enough material there to take off. I could only get the inlet to 88.7mm. O and I didnít want to do this with the manifold on the truck so I took it off. It only takes about 30min to remove the manifold not bad at all. My truck only has 2073 miles on it and the inside of the intake manifold had oil every where. I was shocked on how much oil was in there from blow by. So after I cleaned everything up ported the intake manifold inlet and installed everything it took me about 4 hours. On first start up the truck idles a bit high for maybe 2 to 3 seconds then back to normal. Throttle response is a little better after a few revs. Power wise I would maybe say it's a little bit more responsive I would not really say there is a night and day difference in power but it is a little bit more peppy. My truck is a 2011 1500 Hemi CC sport. The engine is stock the only mod is has is a 180 t-stat everything else is stock. Also I did some before and after AFR readings at idle the truck stock was 14.8 with the 90mm TB it's now at 14.9 and at full throttle stock it was 11.6 and then it would taper down to 10.5 to 10.9 close to the redline. With the 90mm TB it stays at about 11.9 So I am pretty happy with this mod I well keep you all updated if anything changes. Thanks
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