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Originally Posted by cerres View Post
Neither here nor there but I feel like typing a little... here's a few pieces of trivia.
The first engine as we know it was running a few decades after Colombus brought the clap to the new world.
The first engine was a whopping 2% efficient. To date, 23% would be considered exemplary for a gas engine. Diesels on the other hand, 51%.
Ford's 302 holds more records than any other small block... sounds strange doesn't it?
Chrysler built the biggest, never used, air craft engine... was also the birth of the Hemi.
In the eighties, Perkins Engine Company was the largest manufacturer of hp on the planet.
Hyundai is now the largest manufacturer of hp as well as the manufacturer of the largest engines on the planet.
3 out of every 5 ships sailing the seas is manufactured by Hyundai.
The strait six Toyota used in their land cruisers was a copy of the Pierce Arrow strait six.
The Stirling engine is the only external combustion engine ever developed.

James Watt defined what 1HP would eventually become... neat story, actually. It's worth looking up... just in case you don't feel like it, here's a short story. Watt was watching a horse pull what he thought was a weight of 180 pounds and this horse could pull this weight 182 feet per minute. Somewhere in his infinite wisdom, he multiplied the two and came up with 32,760 pounds per minute... apparently he thought the horse could do better so he rounded it up to 33,000 pounds per minute... the birth of what 1hp would become. I have to give credit, his steam engines were revolutionary. Neat stuff!
Chevrolet originally stole their cam profiles from Porsche.
Chrysler stole their cam profiles from Chevrolet.
The first diesel to be placed in a war ship was in the HMS Dreadnaught. The engines were Armstrong Siddeley, the parent of Hawker Siddeley Diesel... Dehavaland, Harrier are names more people know.
Edison designed and engineered the Electric Chair in an attempt to make a fool of Tesla.
The easiest way to remember what torque is... torque is the amount of work you can employ and think of horsepower as the rate the work is being employed.

okay, okay, enough for now.
I knew about the 302, Chevy stealing the cam info from Porshe, and about Hyundai and their ships. Also knew about Edison and the electric chair. The back story on that one is that Edison wanted to power cities with DC and his inventions using DC. AC was gaining popularity along with Tesla and Edison wanted to show just how deadly AC could be, thinking that once people saw the deadly effects of AC, his DC would be what cities wanted. Hence, the electric chair. Westinghouse wouldn't sell their generators (the only ones big enough to power an electric chair) to Edison so he had to buy one out of the country and ship it back.

Thanks for the trivia! I love it!

Now, back to the topic at hand, Jinx, what are you going to do?
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