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Cool Update with pics...

The install went smooth. It was easy and I did it by myself. Well, my son did help for some of it. Here are some pics of during and after the install.

Install Process
First I took everything out to make sure I had everything. Everything was packed nice and neat. THe rails were even wrapped in bubble wrap. I had some long strips of material that I am not really sure what they are for. I had a little bundle of shims, but I did not need them. I have the sprayed in bed liner with the plastic on top. It looked like it might be a problem, but it fit right in.

I lined up the rails and clamped them down. I first hand tightened the clamps. Once I put the cover on I tightened the bolts with a socket.

I laid the cover on my bed and my son helped me remove the plastic. Then I just put the cover on the rails and opened it. I moved it a little some to make sure it was straight. Once I liked it, then I tighten everything. I had to have my son push the bolts down thru the top so I could get the rubber washer, the metal washer, and lock washer on. I just hand tightened the start nuts until it felt pretty firm. I am sure I could tighten them some more, but I think I read on some other post to not tighten them too much.

I opened and closed it a few times and everything still lined up and I just worked the rubber seals some to lay down. It has been pretty warm around here and they are all nice and flat now. I put the rubber bumpers on the last section so when I have it completely open it will not hit the window. Well only the middle one actually hits the glass. I guess I should have spaced them closer to the middle.

Then I cut the tubing to about 6 inches and stuck them in the holes in the bed and to the drains. I am not sure if I was supposed to remove the little plug at the bottom of my bed next to the tie down to insert the tube. Looks to me like it would not fit. Needless to say I have some tubing left over. If I did this wrong please let me know. I am not sure where that opening at the top goes? Am I putting water inside the bed somewhere? Let me know if anyone knows!

That is pretty much it. I think it was an easy install and I only used my socket. I did not have to trim anything or do anything to make things fit.

Here are some positive points I see. It is easy to open. It lines up well and was easy to install. It looks like the design was well thought out. THe little D Rings are a nice addition. I still can install some pop up tie downs for the pockets or even if I wanted to do something else like a rack. I guess it would have to fit in those pockets.

Once I lock the tail gate then it seems secure. I did not try to pry it open, but I probably will not attempt. I tried with my hands and I could not so for the casual thief it should deter them.

With everything there are some down sides. As you can see, from some of the pics, the seals already started to break or tear. I am not sure of that is just normal or if this is a bad thing. I have gone thru the car wash once with it, but I forgot to check afterwards to see if water got in.

I was disappointed becasue I thought you could open the section closests to the cab, but that might be a different model. I was thinking of getting the bakbox, but I guess I cant now.

Also, the slides that hold the cover in place when you have it fully open and want to drive with it. I would have liked to see those made of metal rather than plastic. I am not sure I would trust those on a bump gravel road.

A very minor negative that I see only becase I am slightly OCD is the "grain" on the panels does not line up. When I am outside of the truck I cannot tell, but when I look in the rear view mirror, I can see the lines are not all going in the saem direction or line up. I am sure no one else would notice, but I just thought I would mention it for the fellow OCDers on the forum. I know there are a few out there.

Overall I am happy with my purchase and I would recommend this to others, but with the understanding that it is not perfect. It is a good product, but not perfect.

Carlos "ELFATKAT" Medina
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