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Default My first dodge ram

I have had one other dodge and it was a 2002 dodge dakota and I was very upset with it and got into cars. Well I decided to buy another dodge and bought me a 92 dodge 1500 4x4 w/318. I love the truck and I'm beating the 420a dsm's. The truck is loud, has a straight body and has a few issues. So far I had to replace the fuel sending unit. I was trying to fix the fuel gauge and found out that the sending and receiving lines were dry rotted. As soon as I touched the hoses the plastic broke off. That was a $200 dollar fix. But here is a video for all of you to enjoy. I actully made this video to show some of the local dsm boys that my truck was louder than their weed eater sounding cars were.

If any of you know were I can find a good site to buy parts for my truck please tell me.
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