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Default DIM CAI Intake Mod

For those that didn't figure it out, DIM = did it myself.

I posted this in another place,, but wanted to share it here too. Hope it will help someone save a little $$$ and have a custom CAI. It's worth the trouble

After researching CAI on this forum, I heard a lot mentioned about, and decided to check them out. Reading what they had to say on their site, and seeing the great pics they had, I decided that I could build my own CAI. So I set out to figure it out.
I had a K&N CAI system that I purchased for a '09 chevy 1500 with 5.3. When it was installed, it would keep the check engine light on, and K&N told me NOT to use it. They refunded my money and allowed me to keep the kit. I was supposed to smash it with a hammer so it couldn't be used. Ooops, my bad!
Looking at the tube and the adapter, I quickly figured out that I could use it for my Ram. So here's how it went.

This is the stock intake box on my Ram 3500. Doesn't look any different , except for the AFE sticker.

Here you see the intake box open with the filter removed. In the bottom is the filter adapter from the kit mentioned before. I used a hole saw to make a snug fitting hole in the bottom. I had to modify the adapter on one side so it would fittin flush. I drilled two small holes, one on each side of the large hole, for the screws that hold it in place.

From underneath, you can almost see the rubber hose connector and two hose clamps that connect the tube with the filter adapter. The air flow sensor hole was blocked off. Probably not neccessary, but I didn't want to leave it open.

The bottom of the tube come down in front of the passenger side tire, between the wheel well cover and another plastic cover. I also plgged the hole that was for the crankcase vent. Again probably not neccessary. I cut the bottom of the tube where it is square with its surroundings. If you didn't know it was there, you probably wouldn't notice it.

You can do this same thing with PVC pipe. Just remember, you can heat it up and bend the PVC pipe in a better shape to fit the curves.

When I first bought the truck, it seemed to be real sluggish on easy acceleration. I know diesels (at least the ones I drove in the past) are like that, but this seemed to be more so than the rest. After doing this mod, and even with the stock filter, the sluggishness seemed to go away. I know it's not all the way gone, but it is much better now. And more peppy, with a 1-2 mpg increase. I really love what it did for me.

Thanks for looking.
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