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Originally Posted by strafen View Post
state farm's been good to me in the past regarding this...

just stand firm, tell them what you WILL and will NOT go for... such as only genuine mopar repair parts, no aftermarket bs... no paintless dent repair, dont let them try to say they can add fender damage to the hood estimate etc, (ive had them try that!) and if the damage is enough that you think you want a new part such as the hood, tell them a WHOLE hood, not just the outer skin... just stand your ground, dont be afraid to get a lil rude (just not overdone) the bottom line is they work for you.... NOT the other way around, like they try to make it seem.

as far as costs, depends on your deductible, $100, 250, 500, 1000... all depends on your particular policy. some times you can talk shops into doing the work without giving them anything, they take the deductible out of the insurance check.

i have only dealt with one mobile agent, she was a bit** tried to tell me how much my truck was worth and that my bumper can be hammered out... but in the end, i got paid for a whole new bumper, mounts, shrouding, piece under headlights (this was all in my old ranger) and lol, the dent is still in bumper... the check went towards school.

and they do cut you a check right there. hail damage is an easy claim to go through, there is no having to guess if there is hidden damage under the area you see, tweaked frame, mounts, alignment etc, so they are usually able to give you a fair deal right then... just got to watch them for that paintless dent cra--i mean repair, or they will try to go for aftermarket parts. oh and dont let them try and tell you, that you HAVE to go to X shop or dealership to get it... they hand you the check and you go where you want, if you trust your local dealership by all means go, i havent found a good one around here yet, there are good ones out there... or go to a reputable body shop... but if they wouldnt give you an estimate, then i'd prolly look elsewhere... same for dealership.

good luck and sorry to hear about your truck, hail damage is ungodly painfull for me... i almost want to jump over hood to take some of it before it hits my ride... ive seen my share though, and just barely made it through. if it strikes on the Ram, im gonna hit the roof! im livin in an area that is prone to hail during any good rain... im seriously dreading it
I agree with everything except the PDR.

PDR if it can be done properly is much better, as you keep your factory parts and your factory paint. I had it done on my caliber when i got 3 moron marks on my rear driver side door. the guy told me that one might be iffy, but i had him do it anyways. All 3 dents came out just fine, and except for the one that he warned me about (which was a sharp dent on a body line) you can't tell there was ever any damage.
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