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If you are worried about damage to your computer, don't be. There are thousands and tens of thousands of Predators out there on GM, Ford and Dodge/Chrysler vehicles.

The Predator is very versatile and has a huge set of options for setting cooling fans to run at lower temps (good thing for a HEMI which tends to run hot) speedo calibration for larger wheel and tire options, fuel delivery at WOT, spark advance, and just a whole lot of other options within their standard tunes. And, like I am about to do, a DiabloSport authorized tuner can do even more with this tool and the tuning software in conjunction with a dyno.

The transmission adjustment is basically increasing line pressure which firms up shifts, reduces slippage between gear engagement and allows the transmission to run cooler. This is a good thing as slippage, and the resultant heat generated by slippage, kills transmissions.

Within the spark tables, spark/timing can be advanced or retarded as needed to optimize engine performance and efficiency across multiple RPM ranges.

If your truck is running lean, and most HEMI's do under the stock program, using the Predator fuel options can richen the mixture across multiple RPM ranges to avoid a lean burn/knock situation, also good for your engine's efficiency and performance.

So don't be apprehensive about this tool. It's the best bang for the buck mod you can do. Combine it with a cold air intake and catback exhaust and be ready to be amazed.

Oh, I get nothing for this endorsement. I just have a lot of practical experience with this tool and I've seen nothing better out there for the HEMI.
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