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It is funny you ask because my owners manual tell's you to push the center button to fold the mirrors if equipped? I had ask this question to my dealer when I first bought my truck. He said the longhorn has that option standard. But I have yet to see this option on any Ram.
Really???? I have never seen that. I guess I better spend a little more time in the cabin of a new Ram with the owner's manual in my lap.

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Yeah, I can just BARELY fit. The bumper is about 2-3" from the back wall, and about another 2-3" from the garage door when closed. I'm determined to park in the garage since I paid extra to have a higher garage door (8') in our newly built house. I never thought about depth...

So I just ordered some rubber parking stoppers to put down that will let me know when I'm in the right spot so I don't back into the wall.
If I moved my wife's glass making bench and supplies I might be able to get it in all the way. It would be a very tight squeeze!
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