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Originally Posted by MADDOG View Post
Naw...^^^^ all the parameters revert to stock so they won't be able to see what isn't there.

Besides, their scan tool won't do a full diagnostic interogatory on the PCM. If they are suspicious, they'll send it to CJD's lab.
The "paramaters" are just settings, the recorded data log is completely different.
How does removing the tune erase your stored data and driving patterns?
It cant, you have to have a logged history for diagnostic purposes...that's the primary purpose of the OBDII. (On Board Diagnostic)

Are you saying that simply removing the tune and returning to stock only erases the times you exceeded the stock parameters and leaves your normal driving data intact? hahah, no way jose'
Based on what a Tech has told me personally, you cant pick and choose what to erase, and you also cant bring in a truck with the slate wiped clean of all driving history...that alone is a "Red Flag" that you had a tuner installed.

Dont kid yourself, I've talked to several Tech's now and the ones who know tuners, definately know what to look for. You may fool some rookie, but there is NO guarranty you wont run into a smart one.

Anyone installing a tuner is taking a risk, period.
If your warranty is more important than performance, simply dont do it.

I dont really care about my warranty, if my power windows or A/C goes, naturally I want that fixed because it's not likely to be traced back to a tuner issue.

However, If I'm racing my Ram at the local track and my trans goes up in smoke, it's pretty damn likely my fault for reving it 800 RPM over stock and I'm willing to pay for the repair on my own dime. That's the way it should be.

Anything less shows a complete lack of integrity.
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