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Originally Posted by Tone357 View Post
Regarding the front and rear diffs Army, the manual, written by the authority which is Chrysler, states up to the final schedule entry, (144,000 miles) inspect the fluids. Again, change if using the vehicle for commercial or fleet duty.

Either they don't know what they're talking about, or you're practicing overkill. Seems to me that Chrysler has more faith in the longevity of modern lubricants than you do, but it's your money.
Of course they do...but I still think you all are misreading...because my 09 manual in .pdf format says this:
60,000 Miles (100,000 km) or 60 Months Maintenance Service Schedule
❏ Change the engine oil and engine oil filter.
❏ Rotate the tires.
❏ Replace the engine air cleaner filter.
❏ Replace the ignition cables (3.7L Engine).
❏ Replace the spark plugs (3.7L and 5.7L Engines).
❏ Inspect the brake linings; replace if necessary.
❏ Change the automatic transmission fluid and filter.
❏ Change the transfer case fluid.
❏ Change front and rear axle fluid if not done at 54,000 miles (87 000 km).
❏ Flush and replace the engine coolant at 60 months if not done at 102,000 miles (170 000 km).
❏ Inspect the front suspension, tie rod ends and boot seals for cracks or leaks and all parts for damage, wear, improper looseness or end play;
replace if necessary.
And if the .pdf and printed manuals are different then that could explain this, but otherwise I am going by whats above^. But my hunch is that average joe is going to do whats in the manual and this is what chrysler they can sell you new components after your warranty expires (This is auto industry standard, because it makes financial sense).

As I said, y'all do what you want. I am not angry, or butthurt, Nobody has to take my advice. I will not cry if they dont. I know better than to run gear fluid longer than 60k. Bottom line is its not my money. If people want to waste it thousands at a time because the manual doesnt specifically state they have to change their fluids (which is funny because mine does), then thats their option. I would rather throw it away in $100 increments than by the thousands.

If I waste $100 every year or 2 on fluid changes, money well spent IMO. Again, changing fluids is common sense, and cheap insurance. ALL OIL BREAKS DOWN=Fact, not my opinion.
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