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Had some more free time today so I decided to work a bit more on the truck. After running all over town for supplies I finally aquired everything I needed to start fiberglassing the base of the box. Just to make my life a bit easier when it came time to remove the fiberglass from the floor of my truck I decided to line it with tinfoil. This is definately a feat that is definately a lot easier then it looks. Every time you lay down one sheet and move on to the next the previous one is out of position. With some persistance and a couple rolls of tape later I finally got it all layed out. I then taped up a painters tarp around the surrounding wall and over the front seats to keep clean up to a minimum.

I purchased both fiberglass cloth and fiberglass mat to add to the bottom. From what I read the fiberglass mat is used for more structual purposes while the fiberglass cloth is easier to wrap around tight corners and details and is more for athetic purposes. My goal is to lay down two layers of the fiberglass mat as a base. Then lay down some nylon rope in a grid pattern to make the base even more rigid. I read on another forum that the nylon rope will soak up the resin and get as hard a dowel rod while attaching itself to the fiberglass giving you a sort of impregnated structure support. Over top of this I am going to lay a layer of the fiberglass cloth. I think that these three layers will be enough for a base.

I mixed up my first batch of resin and hardener as per the directions and learned my first quick lesson in what not to do with the resin. The directions say it is better to work with small batches at a time because of the setup time of the resin is short. Well my idea of a small batch was obviously not small enough because within a minute my plastic mixing cup got too hot to hold and hardened up like a rock. I dumped it on a piece of plastic and it actually melted through the plastic while it smoked and bubbled . Scaling back my proportions I was finally able to get some actual work time with the resin. Taking the 2x6 strips of fiberglass mat I piece by piece covered my tinfoil mold while dabing on the resin with a paint brush. Gloves are definately a must and a well ventilated area cause the stuff stinks to high hell.

It took me about an hour to get the whole surface done with one layer. Two hours after that I have a hard base coat of fiberglass that already is pretty rigid. Hopefully tommorrow I will be able to get the other two layers done so I can get the base out of the truck. I left the doors and all the windows open in the truck all day and it still is pretty potent in there. Thats all for now; hopefully I will be able to get some more pictures uploaded of the progress.
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