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Default UConnect/iPod/iPhone Issues - 2010 Ram SLT Quad

Hey guys.....I'm having a problem with my truck, and have searched high & low for the answers yet am coming up empty....

I purchased a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad back in September of 2010. It came equipped with the RES radio (with UConnect buttons), however, there was no UConnect module.

We just recently purchased a 2011 Dodge Durango Crew for my wife, and after seeing & playing with the RBZ radio in my wife's Durango....I decided it was time for a upgrade.

I sourced a RBZ radio, as well as purchased the UConnect Hardware & iPod Integration Harness to go with it (UConnect Part# 1-82211878 & iPod Harness Part# 1-82212000). I installed all the hardware myself, and then went to Dodge to have them update my truck's sales code to reflect that UConnect had been added. Everything is working great....with a few exceptions....

1. I have Bluetooth connected where the phone works, but it will not stream music via Bluetooth from my iPhone 4 (won't stream Pandora or iTunes). On a side note, it streams just fine in the Durango with her RBZ head unit, however, no dice on mine.....what's the deal???

2. I can hook my iPhone 4 up to the Integration Harness and it will play Pandora through the speakers, however, I have NO volume control through the head unit. If I disconnect the Integration Harness, and just use it through the AUX outlet on the front of the head unit then it works fine where I can control the volume using the RBZ audio control. Now, when I hook my phone up to my wife's Durango, I can play AND control the volume through her RBZ headunit....

3. I can hook both my old school 30gb iPod & iPhone 4 up to the Integration Harness in the glove box and can control iTunes through the radio just fine. No issues there. Again, just can't control Pandora at all.

Now I did have to do a flash update to my wife's Durango as she was having some issues. After digging around on the internet, I was able to find the flash update that I burned to a jump drive, and updated her UConnect Module through the USB port in her center console. After 10 minutes, the update was complete, and everything is working flawless in her car.

The UConnect that I purchased has the number 05064901AC on the box with the following information of HW: 12.02 & SQ: 29.03.62. I purchased the UConnect from a dealer, and the manufacture date of the unit it Production:2011/02/21/0.

My million dollar question is that there has to be a way to do a software update on my UConnect module, however, there is USB ports in my truck (except for the one on the RBZ radio, but that port does not directly communicate with the UConnect). I was going to purchase the USB Harness Kit (Part# 82212160) to plug into my UConnect, but found that there is no additional port on my UConnect to do this.....

So....with all of this being do I go about updating the software in my UConnect if I have no USB port??? If you need anymore information to figure this out then please let me know as I'm dying to find out the answers.
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