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So definitely not the most practical idea, but here it goes.

I've been getting the itch for something different, we currently have a Honda Odyssey minivan for the family hauler, and a 05' Honda Accord that was meant to be a family hauler/commuter but then my wife got pregnant with our 3rd about 2 months after we bought it. Do'h.

The Accord doesn't really haul all of us, or the ATV for that matter and at the same time I'm going through my quarter life crisis (I'm 23 and had our first at 16). I looked into getting a C5 Vette because for the price, you can't beat it. But, it doesn't haul the family or to either.

So while out looking at trucks (again), I jokingly pointed at an 05' Srt 10 QC that was on the lot. My wife laughed at me, but once she saw the interior she was very interested in it as it offered all the features of our Accord (minus the moonroof). We took it for a ride, with my wife driving first and the big sh** eating grin never left her face. I took my turn and was hooked.

So here I sit with a vehicle that fills all the little voids my Accord doesn't. The list isn't long but basically: The V-10 brings out my inner child, my wife loves it (which says a lot because I couldn't get her out of the Accord for a C5, she loves that car), it hauls the kids comfortably, carries the ATV and has plenty of towing power for when we add to the stable. Not to mention, driving an inferno red viper powered truck does something for a man that a "pearl red redondo" Accord doesn't.

The downsides are obvious, the hit at the pump, but I'm thinking this will help me control the random drives I go on now, or at least earn some awesome fuel rebates. The mileage while not good, only seems to be a few points lower than other 1500s, almost makes it ok I live on base and commute about 3.5 miles to work each way. The other hit was insurance, which will be an $80 a month hit, or roughly $60 more a month than a 5.7 Hemi QC.

I know maintenance will be more, but tires, if done as a set seem to be a decent price (about $175 a piece) and parts through Rockauto didn't seem too ridiculous. The V10 leaves a lot more room in the engine bay since it's not covered in all the plastic like the 5.7, and spark plugs for example are right on top.

This truck obviously isn't a practical DD, but over the extra costs incurred I can't help but still be drawn to it. I haven't been able to get it out of my head since we drove it. I absolutely loved it and finally finding a truck (been looking for about 2 years) that we both love isn't making it any easier.

As I always do I over think the hell out of things and for once I'd just like to pull the trigger and make it happen. I can never seem to feel 100% about big purchases like this. I normally lean towards practicality, and while the Accord is nice, it's not filling the void I've had as I've never owned a "me" vehicle. Anyways, here's the one we're looking at :


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