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The stock intake on a 4G Hemi is already a CAI, but has three weak points (IMHO):

The filter element is restrictive in size and construction.
The intake tube is ribbed, but not for her pleasure.
The fender opening is restrictive and not conducive to maximum airflow.

For those who have not looked at the fender opening, the headlight bucket/bracket and frame obstruct most of the opening ...
The restrictive fender duct is (IMHO) the lowest common denominator to ALL current CAI's, and the main flaw/obstacle most manufacturers have neglected to address.
...although the Volant does have an optional lower port on their box that would benefit from this cheap little bumper Ram mod.

Here's the view from the engine bay after removing the stock box:

view from the front on a friends Ram with headlight removed at the track

Close up

The "limited" path the air has to take when the headlight is installed

My Solution for better flowing, cooler intake air that anyone can DIY:

1. Lose the Engine cover ! (it's a Heat Trap!)
that does nothing but cook your intake runners! (Free!)

2. Install a Jet 180 T-Stat ($30) simple 10 minute swap your engine by 15 and your engine bay temps and intake air temps will be lower too.

3. Billet Technology Catch Can ($130) another 10 minute mod anyone can do
not really a CAI mod in itself, but a supporting mod to reduce Hot Oil saturated vapor directed to Your Intake from the PCV

4. Get the Biggest Filter element available! No such thing as too Big!
I went with Airaid after trying the stock box K&N drop in and found it wasn't enough.

5. Larger, Smooth surface plastic intake Tube!
for me, Airaid's Triple Lobe tube fit the bill once again.

6. Fastman's Modified 85mm Throttle Body ($212 shipped)
the polished Taper Bore and Half Shaft mod free up more flow at a higher velocity.

7. Ram Air! I redirected my air source to take in air from the lower "Front" of my Sport bumper after removing the fake plastic grill.
adjustable Flex Tube ...actually designed for draining water away from your house ($6) Lowes Hardware.

Of course having the Tuning and Exhaust supporting mods helps too
(Magnaflow CatBack and Y-Pipe, and my JBA Headers are on the way)

Pic's (of course)

my HUGE Airaid Filter element

Smooth Triple Lobe intake tube (old pic before engine cover was removed and tossed)

The Rubber edging seals the box to the underside of the hood, but it's not 100%.
So I picked up some self adhesive foam/rubber pipe insulation from Lowes ($5)
and ran it right over top the rubber seal and along the fender side edge too, pic's coming soon.

Billet Tech Catch Can

After just one week after install and a single evening at the track, about 8-9 quarter mile passes...

Stock TB vs FastMan Throttle Body (right) taper bore 85mm and half shaft removed for a smoother higher flow

Removed lower fake grill. I think it looks better without it anyway
it's ugly, non-functional, faded plastic and doesn't match my Black Honeycomb upper grill anyway.
I cant prove it, but I'll bet it helps engine bay air circulation/ventilation as well. No tools required, 5 minutes

Lowes Hardware 3.5" Flex Tube (I bought two and a coupler, but because they can extend and bend from 9" up to 21" only one was required)

intake air is now "Rammed" in and up toward the stock fender port from the FRONT where air pressure is highest (at speed) instead of the motor having to suck air from below.

View from below, lower left is the input side, lower right is the fog light housing, up the fender is the blue bungee cord holding the top of the tube in place.
(There's a second bungee holding the lower front of the tube near the bumper)

Testing has been limited to street only so far and I'm melting my poor Terra Grapplers! I can tell by my butt dyno it's working well.
Track testing to follow, and I still have to get a base line Dyno run (slated for August 12th) before my Edge Torque Converter and JBA Headers get installed then my custom CMR Dyno Tuning session.

Murdered.. Lowered.. Alcohol Injected ..Blowered! 500WHP

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