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Originally Posted by Upstater View Post
This isn't totally correct. The only parts most dealers won't cover are the aftermarket parts. In my case I talked to the dealer before installing my lift and they have no problem honoring the warranty on factory parts. Also, if I'm not mistaken there's a law on the books that prevents them from simply not honoring a warranty because of aftermarket parts.
BS...If you wear out a bearing because your pinion angle is over spec due to your aftermarket lift kit, forget about getting warranty on that OEM part.

The Magnusson-Moss Act is what you are referring to. Basically, it outlines the duties and the rights of the buyer and seller with respects to warranty. It also provides for ajudication/arbitration and other forms of settlement when a dispute arises.

Dodge is perfectly within their rights to disclaim warranty coverage for an OEM part that fails due to a modification.

The difference is they can't disclaim warranty for an OEM part that is not associated nor was the failure caused by the modification.

To illustrate: You lift your truck and your radio head unit quits. You have warranty on your head unit.

Certainly, the burden of proof that an item should be warranted is on the buyer and equally the burden of proof that an item cannot be warranted due to the buyer's actions is on the seller.

You are correct that they cannot simply void your warranty because you have mods. And they are not obligated to warrant aftermarket parts.

But if the mod contributed to the OEM part failure, that's pretty much it as far as collecting on the warranty.
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