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Throughout the process of making my MDF sidewalls I have learned a lot of lessons and wasted a lot of wood. There is nothing square with this box and a lot of complicated angles. I tried cutting each piece exactly to size, but every side piece is different because of the nylon rope on the bottom and the curves are different so they ended up being way off. Starting over I cut my pieces way oversized and freehanded the contours on each panel. After 1/2 a day of total fustration and a lot of saw dust from cutting and filing all I ended up with was this.

I spent the rest of that night enjoying a few more of those beers and trying to come up with a better and faster way to get the rest of my panels made. It then hit me that this is no different then using a profile scribe to transfer baseboard and custom crown moulding onto an adjacent piece.

So refreshed and renewed with a new game plan, I started the next day and came up with a make shift profile scribe. Taking a 1/4" piece of venier I had left over I clamped it to two small vises along a line where the panel would be.

I then took a pair of ID calipers and taped a pencil to them and keeping the pencil directly over the tip of the caliper I traced the contour onto the piece of venier

With this line I was able to cut it out with a jigsaw and then use it as a pattern to trace on my 3/4" MDF.

The final product was a panel that fit better then my freehanded pieces and was done in 1/4 of the time. I was able to get the rest of this done in 2 hours verses the 6 I had wasted the day before. Lesson well learned.

The four cross braces are just temporary support for the time being and wont be on the finished product. I nailed all the pieces down temporarily so that I can get a better visual as well as get a good level line along the top of the pieces to ensure they are all the same height in the end. You can see the excess left on the heigth of the pieces. The subwoofers will sit in the two outside enclosures and the amp with sit in the center. Next on the list is the trim the pieces to size, added a rounded radius to the front top corner of each piece and router a radius on all the outside edges. More to come in the upcoming days.
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