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Default transfer case knocking

Hey there everyone I'm new here and i have a problem. i own a 2003 dodge ram 2500 with the 5.7l hemi. 6" lift 35" cooper discovery stt tires. i don't know what gears i have i have the cold air intake and a cat back exhaust.with about 70000 miles.
I'm getting a thumping noise coming from my transfer case only in 4h and 4L. and sometimes when i shift out of four wheel drive.

now last winter i had to maker a 1400 mile trip in a snow storm in less than 24 hours and the truck was in four wheel drive most of the time.i did hear a vibration when i shifted out and i was still moving. it would go away if i stopped.
a month or so after i got back i was playing at the coast in the sand and for the most part i only needed two wheel drive but it was there i heard the knocking for the first time at first i thought it was a u joint going out but the noise would go away in 2w.

now I'm here trying to find out if anyone else has had this problem and how hard is it going to be to fix. and I'm a big time do it my self guy.
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