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Yep, pretty much SOL there buddy. As explained, one vehicle at a time. As soon as you plug it in, it reads the VIN and that's the only vehicle it will work on until you download the stock tune back to that vehicle.

93 CAI octane tune is a good one. There are tuning options, such as an authorized DiabloSport CMR tuner (done on a dyno by an independent shop) or there are several firms that will do a tune by email. They'll want your stock tune file (you can extract it from the Predator) plus some logs of you running around town, pulling hills, a few WOT passes, things like that. Then you email them those files and they will build a tune.

A full CMR runs from around $350 to $450 depending on time spent on the dyno. An email tune will run from $200 to $250 (maybe a bit less) and a lot of the tuners will tweak on the base tune they give you a few times. All they want is some more logs to see how the engine is running.

To maximize MPG, two things need to happen. One - the tune will be a bit lean and will not be optimum for power. Two - Watch that right foot!
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