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I have to admit...I've seen a few accidents in my lifetime but this one was unusual and so damn funny I almost lost it...

On Monday morning I was headed to Southern Oregon for a few days to check on my construction projects and complete some technical work for a few next year.

As our engineering intern and I were headed out on the freeway in stop and go traffic, we came upon a Wide Load...a goose neck flatbed with a large excavator on it. The rear safety/pilot car was a Chrysler mini-van.

Traffic was stop and go, with our lane moving a bit faster than the lane on the right. Just as we were pulling up next to the pilot car, traffic opened up a bit in his lane and the truck moved forward, speeding up a little bit before coming to a stop.

However, the pilot car driver, who had also accelerated, failed to notice the big rig had stopped and...yup, you guessed it...


The pilot car smacked his own wide load....
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