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Originally Posted by BlackRamHemi View Post

The screen shots I posted from my Trinity were actually with my heavy street tires (305/50R20 Grapplers) mounted
No freaking way my Ram will do 13.76 at the track on my Grapplers, it's more like mid 14's. Tuners Lie LOL!

The Fastest R/T I've seen post "actual" time slips was autobred's at 13.5/98mph
But that's with intake/exhaust/Lowered/LT Headers/Arrington Cam/Custom CMR Tune...and 275/55R17's

an R/T with just intake/exhaust/tuner wont be faster than that, especially on 20's or 22's .

Time Slips or it didn't happen!
Quickest, not fastest. I trapped 99.8.

13.75 @ 99.8 1/4 mile in a stock Ram R/T

And that's a stock truck.

That being said, you know how I feel about tuner times. And he's had his truck at the track. I believe BRH raced him.

Also, you're all assuming the 5.7 or 6.1 0-60 times are correct. A lot of people think the R/T isn't gonna run quicker than 14.4 because that's what MotorTrend ran. Obviously my truck is quicker than that. Shoot, my truck ran that(14.4 @ 96) at 3500 DA on 87. I can't imagine it's an exact science, but one 0-60 from 1/8 mile converter I found put my truck at 4.5 seconds on both of my two quickest timeslips. That's gotta be a little(lot) generous, but even if it's off by a half second, it's in the ball park of sub 5.

The SRT10s always struggled with traction off the line and the regular cabs weighed 300lbs+ more than the R/Ts. Supercharged Lightnings weigh less and have much smaller wheels...but make less power(not by much). My truck is neck and neck with my buddies '04 Lightning.

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