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Had a Cadillac come reving past me at about 40 mph and I was doing about 30. He had got into my turning lane directly in front of me so I figure I'd line up with him after the turn. When I got up on his rear at the was like oh shit, lol! It was a Supercharged CTS, I saw the big emblem on the rear left side...I'm like oh oh! But then I saw that his rear tires were completely bald....yeah! He was checking me out in the rearveiw and reving it up the whole time we were sitting there. We turned and waited to cross a set of rr tracks and stopped side by side. We held up traffic behind us, all looked good with no cops around and peeps looking and watching. We used hand sigs and took off even but I had him all the way to second gear when we had to shut down for the next light, I was lmao. This friging Cadi had a standard transmission, never heard of such. I could hear his exhaust (aftermarket) over mine so he was close the whole way but I never looked back to see. I could hear his tires spinning like he was driving in the rain, he he! He wasn't speed shiffting either and was shifting too soon so I first thought that he was inexperienced. But after thinking , that was a good move considering he had no traction. He turned off to the right at the light and I headed straight for home. But this guy had to be the biggest idot of all to be dogging such a nice car on bald tires and loosing to a truck. How stupid can one be, that car would literally smoke me in the right conditions. Suprisingly the car looked as small, so that thing has got to scream with 550 hp. I bet that guys gonna looking for me with a set of new tires, lol! I'm not going to give him another shot either...I'm not that stupid, lol! You figure if the guy can afford a cadi like that, he shouldn't be letting his tires go like that. I have one word for that guy...stupid!
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