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Originally Posted by RadioFlyer View Post
Second under the hood pics of this turbo mod, I'm sure a turbo know it all like you would have some under hood turbo mod pics since you have pics of the car. But I doubt that very seriously because it most likely didn't happen. And how about some pics of this 12 sec car at the track and with time slips? I don't think you knew what a tuned up pipe was or what it's pupose was until I mentioned it. All of a sudden that's the first on the list of all you had for mods. dude...if you think 18 lbs is not much try that on the EB. And what's the CR on this car that you boosted to 18 lbs...I know because I looked it up but lets hear it from you and I'll tell you why your full of crap. You started this back up again by running ur mouth when I said that the EB would get less mileage and have a hotter CC after the tune. When you add boost you have to add fuel when you add fuel you raise the CC temps...get it through ur stubborn head. You should know that from what you said you did with ur pooproo!!! When you add fuel you loose fuel milage...period!!! As in when you go from a 650 cfm carb to a 780 you loose fuel milage!!! You chose to compare a low CR turbo poopru to a high compression EB. The difference between the two is night and day and if you don't know that then you don't know forced induction like you claim and your 12 mod is BS!!!

Ok that's the last time i'm talking to you. Since you can't read and can't remember who said what...

First of all, i said my car went from 14.2@98mph to 13@104.3mph. There's no 12 seconds car here.

The 12 seconds thing you're refering to was my 0-100 mph time, not my 1/4 mile time.

Garner is the one that told you there's no such thing has an up pipe.

told you turbo lag doesn't come from the boost, but from the turbo size, intercooler size, pipping lenght...

The Subaru Legacy GT have a 8.2:1 CR ratio.

Here's the picture you wanted, engine bay picture. Oh wait you can't see much, since everything is behind the engine close to the firewall. All you see is the K&N Typhoon intake i had.

As for time slip picture, i don't have them, because i sold the car 4 years ago and i don't keep them after i sell my car.There's no point in keeping them.

Like i said, normal driving i got better fuel economy on the highway with my modification.In the city it was the same as stock. If i was driving the car like i stole it, i was getting worse fuel economy and that's normal.

Ok that's the last time i'm talking to you. Since you can't read and can't remember who said what...
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