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Originally Posted by CHVYKLR View Post
exactly...adding oxygen increases temps and the fuel is there to cool it. a good example is nitrous (NO2). it adds so much power b/c you are injecting extra oxygen...then you have to add extra fuel to cool the combustion chamber to prevent burning up the pistons.
If you go back further in this thread my you will see that I stating air/fuel raises the temps. You said so yourself which I agree to, the pcm/electronics will automatically adjust the air /fuel mixture and it will. Therefore when you add fuel to the EB, the elctronics will automatically adjust the air/fuel mixture. Same goes for the boost controller because it is electronic and not a manual though you can add a manual BC to it. I am well aware that without enough oxygen the fuel can't burn. Therefore being an elctronic system, you can not add fuel without the pcm picking up on it and split second adjusting the air/fuel mixture...the pcm is faster than we are. Therfore, when you add fuel to the EB, there is not enough room/space in the combustion chamber to ignite the fuel. (that's been my point) It would be a different ball game if this were a carburated engine, because you would have to adjust the air/fuel mixture yourself. If so, these dumbies who haven't ever gotten their hands dirty with their cars wouldn't know what to do with it. Same goes for high compression carb engines, you can screw up pretty easily when you run your car with the wrong air/fuel mixture making it harder to ignite it. Especially borderline 10.75 to 11.75:1 where you are runing an engine that can use both pump/race gas.EDIT:I forgot the most important part...When you add boost, you have to add fuel...that being said, how much boost can you add to the EB? That has been my point to this crap the whole time! My opinion all along has been that it is pegged at 14lbs, so to these other yahoos (not you chevykilla) on here trying to throw me in a cross....What in the F... is so stupid about that?????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????

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