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Originally Posted by snrusnak View Post
Be sure to post pics of you, your mother, and the cars you know we all love pics...
Umm you want pics of a 54 year old woman lol? I could post pics of my 30 year old sister if you would like since she's closer to your age? Pics of cars and me I can do though


Originally Posted by ArmyofOne View Post
In his defense, the Army does not have High Year-Tenure cutoffs like the USAF. They do, but the times are different. Even so, its possible his mother was prior enlisted, making her an OE-5, which would grant her an additional 10 years service time.

HOWEVER, he is full of shit, we have established this. Garner, My father is a Retired USAF OE-6 (Full-bird Colonel, 1 rank higher than your mother, Garner), on 90% disability, IN the state of Texas...

And he clears 7k, but nowhere near 10. So shut your mouth Garner. A-We all know you are full of BS. B-ALOT of us here are in the military, you cant BS people who make a ****in' living knee-deep in BS every day. C-No retired military person would EVER give their child free reign over their finances, nor would they just give them everything they want. You dont get what you want in the military, unless you ****ing EARN it. If I cant have a 60,000 dollar Ram Laramie Longhorn, my 16 year old CERTAINLY will not, unless he can afford it himself. This is the mentality of EVERY person I have ever met in the military. Why? Because values like this are instilled in every servicemember who served honorably. You are, for lack of a better word, brainwashed into a morally sound way of thinking. If someone does not have values and morals, they usually wont make it to Lt Col. Someone will wipe the floor with them before then. FWIW (not that its your business) My truck was purchased used, in 2010, its paid for and I am 26. AND I AM DAMN PROUD of that fact. I served 2 tours in Iraq, and I am in Afghanistan now, so that snot nosed little shits like you can sleep safely at night. And I am not the only one on this board with the same or more deployments behind them. So keep it up. You just look foolish.

What really kills me is that if I had gotten a brand new truck as a 16 year old, I would have been STOKED, and totally happy with it. Seems to be this guy is the type that would tell his mom to take it back because it was a Chevy.

My mom was never enlisted. She was commissioned in 78 and medically discharged, due to a condition discovered about a month before she was scheduled to war in 03 which doctors also believe was there when she was in desert storm but not as prevalent, in 08. So 29 or 30 years depending on what month she was commissioned and discharged. And I love how you act like all soldiers are just like you. There are soldiers that give their kids what they want. Come to my old school and you'll see kids driving new camaros, bmw, and mustangs

Originally Posted by CaddyRam View Post
Thank you for your service Armyofone. You are a good man. Now will someone please shut that little sh*t up once and for all. I can't believe Garner is still running his foolish little mouth. I for one won't be reading or responding to any threads of his in the future. I hope all others will not either.
I can talk, well technically type, all I want. Btw there's an ignore button

Originally Posted by TORMENTOR View Post
i like how he wont respond to my posts when it comes to his morals (lack of i should say) Because he knows he has no decent response to what i had to say.

Its nice this time around to see the forum stand up to this kind of bs and arrogance. Last time someone got on garner for this very thing, they all shut him down, and i dont know why. I wouldn't want to be wanting kids like him running around this forum with that kind of attitude.
What they did last time was right. All I did was say I can't wait to trade my 2011 for a 2012 which is what I did in this thread but my mom had added the other truck and car to the purchase list. Nothing wrong with stating I can't wait to get these vehicles. We got off topic when people wanted to complain about me getting these vehicles and especially when one person tried calling my mom a whore. Which led us into this whole thing about what my mom does and how people think she can and can't afford certain things and all that nonsense. Personally I would love if a mod or admin would delete all the off topic stuff which was caused for no reason so that members could actually see info about the new 2012 which many facts are still unclear about
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