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Originally Posted by BillyB0B View Post
Thanks Ram Van. Appreciate quick response.. but now I believe the head gasket is gone as well .. maybe due to the Overheat? Oh and I've located coolant leak.. its coming from the weep.hole .. my theory is.. judging from leaky. Weep hole, the water pump failed,failed causing it to run hot...causing it to blow HG.. it stalls at a dead stop (something it never did) and now idles at 500, but used to idle a strong 750..and I've got no cabin heat.. its gotta be HG Right? Please tell me its not a nightmare fix. Im undoubtedly Goin to replace water pump/thermostat/& flush coolant system still.. but it looks like I've got a little more on my plate now.. I love the truck. Its my first cummins and im sold, I just hope that's the worst of my problems with her..

Thanks again.
Well I cannot tell you if you bled a head gasket, reason why is because their are first things to look and smell for also tools you can use to get the answer one is checking for combustion gases in the radiator. The other reason why I cannot give you a certain answer is because I have overheated before and well I didn't hurt anything, I went home flushed and cleaned the radiator and well I don't overheat anymore, I overheated mainly because I was driving with OD off which heats the transmission fluid up and with my vehicles my engine radiator is shared with the transmission.

As for a head gasket replacement if and ONLY if it needs it, I will tell you replacing head gaskets is as easy as learning to ride a bicycle I have helped people over the phone and by email step by step replace a head gasket, some tools you will need are at the very least a torque wrench. The whole process would take as much as a day with all parts and tools at hand.

First thing is first to find out if you did indeed blow a head gasket. Since this is a diesel it's going to be harder to diagnose things such as white puffs of smoke out of the talk pipe are normal lol. But look for that and try to sniff for a sweet smell from the tail pipe but don't sniff to much you'll pass out. The next thing is to listen for any steam kettle whistle sounds (other then the turbo). Lastly get yourself a diesel combustion gas detector kit. This hooks up to the radiator and if their is a blown HG then the gases would leak into the cooling system and show up, this would confirm a HG failure.

Be sure to replace all hoses especially a bypass hose on the water pump if applicable, a failed bypass hose can easily cause a misdiagnoses of a water pump failure.

Lastly you are going to get people who are going to rant and rave about you having the heads resurfaced which isn't required. I never have came across any cast iron heads that warped, usually if their is head damage to a iron head it's a crack, warping was invented for aluminum lol. Besides if you resurface a head this means you need to have a shim installed and shims leak.

I don't have any specifications for the diesel trucks, specs such as torque and bolt pattern etc... I work on gas 99% of the time, however I will try my best and get the torque specs bolt patterns and more for you. I recommend you go to a local chrysler dealer that sells parts and get the gaskets from them, the water pump you can get anywhere, I like felpro gaskets but I also prefer to use Mopar when it comes to gaskets and such. Other then that it's autozone for me.

But first just do the tests after you attend the cooling system, replace the pump, thermostat, housing gasket, and hoses. For gas magnum engines the water pump torque is 30 ft/lbs I'm unsure what it is for the diesel, I will again lookup all the information and get print outs for you.
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