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I just have to laugh at this because of how my wife reacts to mods...when a box shows up for me all she wants to know is what did I buy for the car or truck this time.

But when I took her to the drag strip with a bone stock SRT and she drove it down the track 10 or 11 times (with me suffering in the pits, catching crap from my buds about letting the Mrs. drive the car), she came back from her last run waving a fistfull of timeslips and yelling, "I want to go faster! I WANT TO GO FASTER!!! What do we need so I can go faster???"

I told her a cold air intake, a programmer, lowering the car and doing the exhaust would make it faster. She said,

"DO IT!!!"

So, in a way, she understands why I do what I do. As soon as her understanding begins to slip, I just take her to the track again.
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