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Default Cam/Heads Install in Northern VA Area

Hello All,

I'm new to the forums and the East Coast as well. I just got out here from California and had to leave all of tools and surf boards with my brother, for I am now living in a high-rise apartment. It's quite a change from a four bedroom house 10min. from the beach in Ventura, but I'm enjoying everything the DC area has to offer.

However, I don't know anyone out here who's mechanically inclined. I found that there is a guy MoparMike610 on the forums that has offered to help people out from time to time...I think he is in MD. I don't mind driving short distances to get this done.

I'm thinking about going with the Spartan cam from Stu at Inertia with a 114LSA, for I have a Jeep 5.7L that is probably heavier than your trucks, lol! I need the torque in the low to mid-range powerbands. I have not decided on the cam as of yet and am open to suggestions from you all.

At any rate, if anyone is willing to do the install or knows someone who can, please let me know...


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