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1948 - 1953 Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler and DeSoto hard parts are interchangeable. The model specific trim will be a real tough nut to crack. I know this because I restored a 1950 DeSoto Deluxe Sedan.

I did have to have some hard parts made (transmission shifter linkage) and I had to do some research on crossing over the old spec'd distributor and ignition parts to current offerings.

If you can, find a parts car. I've seen several of this vintage on Google, Hemmings Motor News and believe it or not, there was a Cranbrook on eBay today! advertises for rare and discontinued parts for this vehicle. RareParts, Inc (part of the JC Whitney group) also advertises to have parts for this car.

Also, I believe there are some forums that specialize in the early 50's Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler and DeSoto automobiles.

Good luck! The DeSoto wasn't my first first was helping my father restore his 1946 Federal 2.5T flatbed!!!
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