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Yet another intake Update...

I got home afterwork Thursday to find my new Volant waiting for me (got my tracking notice at noon actually)
....was going to wait until the weekend to install so I could fab up a lower pipe ram-air feed with some drainage flex tube from Lowes.
While eating my supper and browsing over my instructions, I decided it would be about a 5-10 minute job to swap it with my Airaid...Yup!

Done deal and no fitment issues, although it is a tight squeeze to squeeze by some of the lines/hoses and my Catch Can.
I just re-used the Airaid breather hose and dont use my stock engine cover ( because its just a huge Heat Trap) so that really helped spped up the install.

I know, pics...or it didn't happen lol!

The Famous Powercore filter designed originally for High-Flow Diesel applications:

a little foam rubber pipe insulation to seal to the fender opening...

Notice the large smooth arc on the intake tube, and the box and filter element are both in alignment with the stock fender opening.
The Powercore filter also takes in air from that end, making for perfect flow path. (unlike the Airaid and two many angles to negotiate)

before pic:

Track testing to follow at month end, season closer for street legals runs 3 days in a row Fri-Sat-Sun (Sept.30-Oct.02)
... going to compare a stock box with K&N drop-in, to Airaid and the Volant on two different 4G Hemi Rams.
Time slips will prove which is better (if any), I'm guessing it will be close, with the volant coming out on top.

The Volant is the Best looking CAI by a long shot,
and sealed so I can wash my engine bay at the car wash without having to worry about the filter element getting wet.

In November the lower optional lower scoop is scheduled for release...

(silverado version)

I've already opened up my lower bumper by removing the lower "fake" grill for a Ram air tube that's feeding the stock fender opening. (see previous pages)
I'm not sure where the Volants Scoop will go, but the lower bumper seems the logical choice.

.................................................. ...............

another Update from Today:


I drove around all Day Saturday, and although impressed I knew there was room for improvement
..and I found it Sunday afternoon ....
I dont usually post "butt dyno" results, but I cant wait to get to the track!
I added my own lower Ram-Air tube to the Volant with excellent results!!!

Not being the patient type, I wasn't satisfied to wait for Volants release of their lower scoop in November
...besides our Track closes after the first week in Oct.

So off to Lowes for some more flex tube, so now I have Dual 3" feeder tubes to my air box,
one to the stock fender port and one directly to the bottom of the Volant box,
But BOTH force fed and Ram'd from the front bumper opening.

I know a smooth tube would be better than the ribbed flex tube,
but for now this works and I'm out less than $20 total until the scoop is available.

View from the Bottom looking up (Left tube goes to the air box, Right goes up the fender)

View from below where the tube enters the lower port on the Volant box.

Murdered.. Lowered.. Alcohol Injected ..Blowered! 500WHP

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