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So in other words, as you slow, the A/C temp gets higher?

Well, the condensor does need some air flowing over it but you should not get hot air instantaneously. If you are, two things come to mind:

1. Your A/C condensor (mounted in front of your radiator) is plugged and needs to be cleaned. Some brake cleaner and warm water will do the trick. Don't hit it with a pressure washer.

2. If it stops cooling only when you hit the brakes (come to a stop, put it in Park, foot off brake and check air temp) then there's a short somewhere that is interfering with proper A/C other words, your compressor is failing to operate.

3. I assume, since you are slowing down or at a standstill, your RPM's have dropped compared to when you are moving and the A/C works OK. When was the last time you checked or replaced your accessory drive belt?
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