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Intake: They pretty much all do the same thing. I like the enclosed box type that takes air in from outside the vehicle. Kits like Volant or AFE are good quality and flow well.

Chip: Forget "chips" and get a programmer. You have your choice of the SuperChips units or the DiabloSport units. I personally use the DiabloSport Predator on both my HEMI powered vehicles and I like the programming flexibility. I will say that the SuperChips units have a better transmission tuning tool in them but my shifts did firm up with the Predator.

Exhaust: It's soooo subjective. I don't know how loud or quiet you want it. You'd have to listen to some of the clips here and on the mfgr's websites. Basic things to know is that, 1) The longer the muffler case, the quieter the muffler. I have an 18" Magnaflow Single In/Dual Out. It's noticeable but not me. 2) You have MDS on your truck so beware of drone. One way to make sure you don't run into really obnoxious drone is to replace your mufflers but leave the stock pipes in. That way you retain your resonators. 3) If you have a "y" pipe on your truck (down pipes from your exhasut manifolds come together in a Y shape, then on to a single muffler), seriously consider replacing that piece as it's probably the most restrictive piece in your exhaust system.

Good luck! Picking an exhaust is more an issue of sound vs. flow.

The combination of these three mods will improve performance, increase engine efficiency and may improve your mileage. My intake, exhaust and programmer mods netted me 4+ MPG highway.
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