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Post How To, Remove Transmission and Torque Converter

I was asked by a member to pull up some info about removal of the torque converter and since the transmission has to be removed I figured I would throw that info in as well. Here it goes :

Transmission Removal:

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Raise and support the vehicle
3. Remove any necessary skid plates.
4. Mark propeller shaft and axle companion flanges for assembly alignment.
5. Remove the rear propeller shaft
6. Remove the front propeller shaft, if necessary.
7. Remove the engine (1) to transmission (3) structural dust cover (2).

  1. Remove the exhaust support bracket from the rear of the transmission.
  2. Disconnect and lower or remove any necessary exhaust components.
  3. Remove the starter motor.
  4. Rotate crankshaft in clockwise direction until converter bolts are accessible. Then remove bolts one at a time. Rotate crankshaft with socket wrench on dampener bolt.
  5. Disengage the output speed sensor connector from the output speed sensor (2).

13. Disengage the input speed sensor connector from the input speed sensor (2).

  1. Disengage the transmission solenoid/TRS assembly connector from the transmission solenoid/TRS assembly (2).

15. Disengage the line pressure sensor connector from the line pressure sensor (2).

  1. Disconnect gearshift cable (1) from transmission manual valve lever (3).

  1. Disconnect the transmission vent hose from the transmission.
  2. Support rear of engine with safety stand or jack.
  3. Raise transmission slightly with service jack to relieve load on crossmember and supports.
  4. Remove bolts securing rear support and cushion to transmission and crossmember.
  5. Remove transfer case, if necessary.
  6. Disconnect transmission fluid cooler lines at transmission fittings and clips.
NOTE: When disconnecting the transmission oil cooler lines, it is necessary to replace the line clip that is located on the oil pan stud. The retention force of the clip is severely degraded upon removal.
  1. Remove all remaining converter housing bolts.
  2. Carefully work transmission and torque converter assembly rearward off engine block dowels.
  3. Hold torque converter in place during transmission removal.
  4. Lower transmission (2) and remove assembly from under the vehicle.
And Now the torque converter instructions:
CAUTION: Verify that transmission is secure on the lifting device or work surface, the center of gravity of the transmission will shift when the torque converter is removed creating an unstable condition. The torque converter is a heavy unit. Use caution when separating the torque converter from the transmission.
27. Pull the torque converter forward until the center hub clears the oil pump seal.
28. Separate the torque converter from the transmission.
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