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Originally Posted by BlackRamHemi View Post
Why do always have to take shots at my posts?
I dont crap all over yours, but maybe I should?

Giving me? LOL!Really?
Your "list of kills" are all illegal street races and no proof other than your word.

1. actually I was more interested in comparing my new 1.8xx 60' times with the new TC
compared to my old times that were always 2.1xx and 2.2xx's , right about where the SRT8 Jeep is with AWD launch

I'm one of a VERY few posting actual time slips and photo's of "Legal" track racing kills showing the other guys ride with tech numbers displayed.
and yes, I typically post faster Cars/Trucks that "should" have won on paper....Anyone can beat a slower car, so where's the challenge?

2. If cars could race them selves, there would be no need to race at all. Everyone could just compare specs on paper by flipping open a R&T mag...Wow that sounds like more fun.
A win is a win, and NHRA rules of the track are the first one to cross the finish line wins, not the fastest ET, educate yourself because I'm getting tired of schooling you.

SRT8 Jeep Car# 4224 from last year:

My tech #3680 from last year, when I was running just a Bully Dog 91 tune, stock converter

Time Slip,
bottom line reads Right Lane 1st by .1264 (note SRT8's 60' times with AWD traction are still in the 2.xx range, to my new TC's 1.8's)

It's not my fault other drivers come to the track on street tires and I beat them with Drag Radials, Many of them come to the line with more power than I have
If I have less power but I'm more efficient at transferring it to the ground at launch ...its because my Ram was purpose built to do just that!
I also beat a friends Yellow QC SRT10, who was on 390/40R17 M&H DR's you going to say that doesn't count because he was heavier? or because I dont have a pic of the slip? I can get one if you need it

Where are your slips for all your kills?
1. I brought up your 60 ft times cause you said "not many peeps on stock tires can compete with that" well that's cause your 60 ft wasn't done on stock tires it was done on drag radials

2. My point is that when you say that you win it comes across(at least to me) that you were the faster vehicle when in some cases you weren't

3. I don't have slips for my street kills because they were that, on the street. The point of this section is so you can post street kills. Now if you want slips for my other races you can go in my threads where I have the slips posted

Originally Posted by Ghostknife View Post
BRH, take it easy on Garner, he just got his license last year, he does have a little learning to do. First to the line wins, the other car may have gotten there faster but he also left later than BRH by .153 seconds. BRH still beat him crossing the line by .086 seconds
Originally Posted by snrusnak View Post
I agree he seems to know a lot for his age...

That said though the first to the trap (without red lighting) wins, period. BRH appears to be a very good drag racer from what he's posted. Don't necessarily have to have the fastest vehicle to be the fastest driver.

Also, nothing wrong with racing on the street, as long as you're being safe....even if it is illegal...You can drive illegally and safe just like you can also drive legally and unsafe...
I guess I'm just used to the guys I come across at the local track. Yes we all know that if you cross the line first and get a white slip you win but many will go over to the person they raced(if the person they raced had a faster et) and say you beat me. Just around here better ET=win, not always first to line

Originally Posted by RadioFlyer View Post
I like garner, he seems to be a good kid. But It sounds like his mum has been taking it easy on him all his life. He may have been the man of the family most of his teenage years so I can't say that I blame him for being spoiled. But if he wants to play with men then he should take his licks like one. You don't learn how to fight by winning, you learn how to fight by loosing so taking it easy on him is out of the question! We all know he's just a kid and we've all been there to some extent. I hate to say this about him because I'm going to get a bashing for it but I know it's for his own good. I can already see some improvement in the last few weeks because of getting put in his place so why ruin a good thing! He's a smart kid, and he knows a lot of stuff for his age. But I think he can live with a black eye or two if he get's out of hand, lol!
RF I've pretty much the only man in the house my whole life. Long story short my mom lost all contact with my dad because he started getting into gangs and drugs after he retired from the navy and because it would ruin her reputation as an army officer if she was married to a gang member and drug dealer/user

Originally Posted by snrusnak View Post
If someone's parents REALLY wanted to stop them from racing, they would NOT buy them a fast car lol. Then again you can kill people in a civic....soooo....again, it's all about just simply being safe, whether you have a fast car or not....just don't do something stupid that could hurt you, or worse hurt someone else...
Prius! "I was drag racing" "In a prius" "I don't win much"

Originally Posted by RadioFlyer View Post
I just got back from work and saw this...sry for the missunderstanding about your dads attitude. As you have seen in the past, I'm good at not comprehending the meaning correctly. None the less, it's evident that your dad trusted you like I trusted mine as most parents do. But I still didn't hand them the keys to a fast car much less a 5000 lb race truck at 16. Garner has more races with his truck at 16 than everyone in this thread combined and that's an under statement, lol! No matter how safe you are, if you hit someone from 70 on, someone is going to be dead or permanately mamed. And if you're driving at a high rate of speed, it's your fault no matter the consequences. His chances of this not happening are slim to none because his mother handed him the keys. Has his dad been around to guide him in the right direction as yours doesn't sound like it? Whos mom buys their son a car when there's a dad around that would normally do that? If your reading this garner I don't mean to offend you. I was hoping snrusak would understand without having to bring this out in the open. I'm sure his mom meant well, but she should have bought him a six cylinder. At least it would have cut his races by half unless he likes loosing which I doubt. If a fatality were to ever happen, his mom is completely responsible for everything until he's of age. If anyone on this forum were to buy a 16 yr old a 5000 lb bomb knowing he drives like this is no better than the 16 yr old himself. I'm not trying to be a smarta&&, but the click you had with your father doesn't warrant the responsibilities of garner or any other kid. I don't know how old you were when you felt you had it coming if you hurt yourself. But if your racing you're not by yourself, and if the other kid dies you'll get a vehicle manslauter charge. If garner ever hurts someone, he doesn't have anything coming, his mom does. I don't mean to offend either of you, but garner is out there. don't need to race everyone that comes along reving his motor. You can think of it as turning the other cheek and being a better man. You're barking up the wrong tree, the one you want is at the drag strip. You don't have to prove to anyone on here that your truck is fast, we all know it is. And don't give me this crap about being extra safe. If you're racing the pizza dilivery guy, he's in the city where kids live and ride their bikes. My bro has owned one of the largest pizza resuraunts in this state since 1992 and they don't deliver in the middle of nowhere. Pizza drivers are not trying to race you, their trying to hurry with their delivery, lol! I can see it now, not even the pizza guy is safe around garner, lol! ILMAO!
No offense taken RF. And my first car was actually an 06 mustang v6 that I totaled then a genesis coupe 2.0T 4 banger and then I got the truck. I
had the same number of races in both of those back when I was 15 as I did in the truck lol. Both were low 15 second cars(PB for mustang 15.2 and PB for gen coupe was 15.3) As far as my dad see my quote to your post above. And I agree I can tone down on the amount of street kills I do and keep my kills on the track
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