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Originally Posted by RandTx View Post
but you need gears... to more easily turn her into a mid to low 13's or better truck.

$3300 seems too high,you should look for better price.
You could pick up a stock LSD for under a $100 if you search (and that's probably better in the snow and ice than a new $500+ DTT)
Gears themselves maybe $400-$450 new or much cheaper if you just snagged a lightly used set of 3.92's from somebody swapping a 4x4 to 4.56
Then $300 - $500 an axle labor would be more in line including bearings seals, fluids etc.(shop around)
and once again it would be an ET shave that you created by your own actions.

I'm already a Mid/Low 13 second Truck,
I'm racing at altitude in the heat (usually 3500' DA)
converted at DragTimes my best run is actually 13.4/101
So on a cool Texas Winter evening near sea level I would be about 4 tenths quicker than running mid summer here.

Your prices dont apply to me, I'm not in Texas,
Everything (including labor) is twice as much in Canada.
I buy my NEW gears/lockers from my usual local source, that also installs them.
...its the only way to have them fully warranteed/guaranteed for parts and install if something goes.

and yes I've needed that warranty on more than one occasion.

I put together a package at moes for $1100 (Front and Rear Gears,master install kits and a DTT)
but its still at least $1500 to install (locally) and they wont warranty them if they didn't supply them.
(I've ran a DTT in the Winter, with a 4WD it's a non issue and works as well as a factory LSD)

Although this is my first track truck,
I've been building up offroad rigs for over 20 years,
Mostly Jeeps, on 37"+ TSL Super Swampers and re-geared them appropriately , often used Detroit or ARB air lockers.

I'm may still be a track rookie compared to many, but in just this past year I've accumulated over 250 time slips with my 10' Ram.
...and that's a short season here with a track that only runs May-Sept.

I'll have my 4.56's eventually, and a low 13 slip
...or for $500 I could just spray a 100 shot and have 12's

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