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Ha, I just towed my buddy's 2007 2 door JK about two hours for a day of fun. His Jeep is about 4000 pounds I believe and the trailer I used was about 1300. The truck handled it better than I would have ever thought considering I'm used to towing with a 2003 2500 Cummins. It actually towed it just as well as that truck with the exception of downshifting more often. I could downshift it to fourth using the autostick and it would hold about 2800 rpm and not lose any speed. I honestly think the 1500 will do fine.

Another option would be a lighter trailer and that would be cheaper than buying a new truck. We a small equipment trailer and it is super heavy for it's size. We just recently bought a sixteen foot "gardening trailer" for 1400 bucks new and that's what we towed it on. It's gate is rated at 2000 pounds so it held the Jeep fine making loading a breeze. It's total capacity is 6,000 pounds which is plenty as well. It's about perfect for a Jeep. Just get one 7 feet wide.
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