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Originally Posted by dodged View Post
It was sweet having the service manager argue and yell at me about what my dad said until I had to yell back, "Please listen to me!"

... Regardless of how poorly a person does or does not behave when their 24 hr old vehicle becomes a deadly hazard at 55 mph on a highway, a service manager should NEVER, EVER yell at a customer or refuse to listen to an explanation of where the problem came from or the area of the vehicle where it might be found in. And a service manager should never, ever consider a simple test drive as the single holy grail of deciding if a customer is 'over-reacting'. Which, by the way, the salesman told my dad he 'personally' thought dad was 'over-reacting' when dad returned the svc depts' call today. Of course, svc had already left for the day, just minutes after their call. Dad told the salesman, "Over-reacting? If you were in the truck when the rear end started hopping all over the road, you would have jumped out!"

I don't expect that the selling dealer knew of a problem with the vehicle but the dealer it was shipped from(220 miles away in the next state) most probably does and that's where the real question of fraud comes from. Did they know there was a problem and were they thrilled to pass it off to another dealer to sell to my dad?

We can't ignore a major problem like this and have an accident or have a useless vehicle a year from now. My dad brought his truck home Monday at about 3:30 pm and broke down tuesday around noon. The dealer has had it since they towed it back and we have no answers or any idea if/when we'll get it fixed/replaced or if we'll need to see a lawyer, until we talk to the rep at corporate on Monday.

My dad has a silly amount of pics of this truck as well as pics of paper work, odometer readings etc. So here are just a few. I really was amazed at how many pics he had and I had no idea the 'marks' were so obvious. I'm no mechanic and I've never had the desire or privilege to crawl under a new car but does anyone else think a day old vehicle should not look like this?
Originally Posted by garner View Post
All I see is rust and paint peeling. Normal
No, there is nothing normal about that on a 2 day old truck.
Originally Posted by sonocativo View Post
Something fishy on the rear end, it is rusty, but the brake cable looks new so the rear end has been changed out? the diff cover shows it has been serviced ( gasket sealer on bolts and oozing out the cover ) and looking at the side of the bed, you can see there was some repair, the top rail of the fence in front of the well has a "jump" in it where the body has been repaired but not perfectly... apparently this truck was hit in the side at one time or another dented the bed as well as prbly damaged the axle so the axle was probly poorly repaired or replaced with another damaged axle thinking it was good because some placed buy salvage yard parts since they get a steep discount, and whoever did it did it under the table or "hid" the damage ( possibly traded in to the un suspecting dealer ) there are lots of possible reasons.... but to me it looks like there was a cover up... if it was done at a reputable place there will be a car fax on it... if done at a small shop or DIY then it wouldnt show up on car fax.
Does the title show factory new or was there a previous purchaser? (Dates on title will show when transfered )
Originally Posted by sonocativo View Post
also those bolt heads are not rusted where the rest of that backing plate is all rusted...that dont add up at all, something has been majorly done to that rear end, that is not factory as the sway bar still looks new.
Correct, I have bought half a dozen new vehicles, and even in the salty NY winters, they NEVER look like that when new. That vehicle should be PRISTINE. I would raise absolute hell. I would definately own that dealership by the time this was over. from what I can see you have:

-Obvious body repair. Repairing a bedside panel never goes well, they need to be REPLACED when damaged.
-The diff sealant (could be explained by a recall, check service history)
-Overpayment. Your father had CASH. And he paid 35k for an ST with a chrome appearance package. It does not even have the entire chrome appearance package. It is supposed to have chrome door handles too. Not to mention its a 2011, and the 2012's are on the lots now. They should have been begging you to take it. He could have gotten this truck for 25k EASILY, maybe less. I smell a scam. Dont feel bad, BS like this happens to good people every day. I would be calling an attorney if I were you, this is not right, at all. That rear end was changed. The replacement was rusty so they half ass spray painted it before they put it in. Then they scraped the paint with the axle-jack when they were lifting it into position. If I was going to go so far to scam someone, I SURELY would have done a hell of a lot better job covering it up.

...Sheesh. I still cant believe those pix man...what an effin' shame.
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