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Default Backup Camera Issue (barcam 221)

One of the options that I really wanted when I bought my truck but had to settle without was the backup camera. I was quoted a price for a dealer install, but after reading a lot of info I decided to go the lockpick route and do it myself.

By going this route, not only do I get the backup cam, but all the goodies that come along with lockpicking. Plus I saved a few hundred bucks.

So I ordered a CHR550 and a barcam 221. Both have great reviews, and are supposed to be high-quality items. I got a good deal, and the unit arrived on Saturday. I busted my hump with this install....I wanted everything to be perfect. From the routing of the wire under the truck, to the firewall entry location. I didn't do anything half ass.

Before ordering, I was concerned that the 21' of video/power wire included with the camera would not be enough. The vendor who sold me the unit said it would not and they would include extra cable. Well they were correct. The normal cable got me to the firewall, but not enough to route behind the dash.

Back to the install....everything appeared to be perfect. All the lockpick features work perfectly and I love the ipod/iphone integration, and the video unlocking feature. The only issue I was having was the picture quality of the backup camera. The picture was clear...but the color was all washed out. Not quite black and white, but mostly grey and dull. I wasn't expecting a HD picture, but the color on this is way off.

So I check my pin connections to make sure nothing is bent. I check my extension cable cuts (power and RCA video) to make sure nothing is loose on my end. Everything appears to be normal, but the camera picture is still grey.

Next step was to call the tech support today (Monday). They were very helpful and walked me through everything. He said that anything past 21' would affect video quality, and that was more than likely my issue. So I took the center console apart again, pulled the wires back out through the firewall, and eliminated ALL extension cables. I pulled the lockpick out to the front seat and inserted the direct camera video and power cables directly to the lockpick. I figured this would have to solve it right....wrong! Same damn picture.

Now I am frustrated. I just pulled apart a full afternoons worth of work for nothing. Now I have to put everything back the way it was while still having the same issue.

Not sure what to do now. I don't think its the lockpick itself, since all the other features are working perfectly. I guess I can order another camera to see if it is defective, but I figured I would turn to you guys for any suggestions before going that route.

Sorry for the long-winded post, but I wanted to make sure I clearly described my issue, and I guess it helped to vent a little. Any help is appreciated...thanks.
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