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Originally Posted by sprintertech View Post
calm down one is upset here.....but to set things straight....the new 5.7 and 6.4 (no more 6.1) are the same block and the 6.4 cam has .577 and .537 lift at the valve and 286/288 deg total duration....i appreciate your input and also believe there will be clearance issues since their is an obvious reason the 6.4 has reliefs cut into the pistons....also i was just pointing out that the crate engine is a stroker which begins life as a 6.1 (old) hemi and not the new design therefore not a for SHR let me clear that up also....they are not doing the build and will only be handling the tuning so please do not let any of my errors or choices reflect on them...they have offered no advice on this matter one way or the other.....i am friends with the owner and the guys in the shop and will say that they do excellent work so when this thing goes boom i will be the only one to on the other hand work for dodge.....but feel free to input next time if you see any reason the direction im going is a disaster....thx
Lol, I'm not now and I wasn't upset then, frustrated...yes. I understand you a little more clearly now let me try and be a little more clear, lol! I'm sure everyone (at least I think they do, lol!) in this forum know the SRT8 392 bore and stroke...I know I do. So I thought you were refering to the new 6.1 Apache heads and the old 6.1 Eagle heads (when you say new) because Chrysler never built a 392 vehicle with the 6.1 block. So that is the only difference between the crate and the stroker besides the SRT8 392 Apache heads but they all need the same clearances and the same valve releifs. My point was, no matter what engine whether is was a crate 392/426 motor or the STR8 392, they all need the same clearances. I'm not good at getting my point across in writing but I'm not the slightest bit angry, we're good brother! edit: BTW, I'm talking about the 392/426 alu Mopar only and not Arrington, PWR or anyone elses with multiple cam spec options. I can only imagine the BS I'll hear from someone else (not you) about this, lol!

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