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2nd prime is used upshifting while manually shifting so that odd shift is it going to 2nd prime. As for how to shift it v8440 who is one of the 2 with a stock 13.7 second rcsb(other is jdustu) says:
Originally Posted by v8440 View Post
My best was a 2.04. The truck is stone stock. Not I-did-something-but-you-can't-see-it stock, I mean dead stock. No programmer, no aftermarket anything on the entire truck. I also run on 87 octane, believe it or not. The spare tire is where it belongs, and the tailgate is both installed and closed.

Here's the way I run the truck: I do not put it in tow/haul. I don't think doing that hurts, it just doesn't help. It raises shift points, but not at full throttle. I then use a very specific procedure with the shifter to get the transmission to use 2nd prime without running against the rev limiter. I select 2nd gear when I'm rolling up to the start line. After I leave the line, I wait until it shifts into 2nd. When it does, I bump the button and select 3rd, which is really 2nd prime. The truck does not shift into 2nd prime until it needs to-the point is to NOT SELECT 3 WITH THE SHIFTER UNTIL THE TRUCK IS ACTUALLY IN 2ND GEAR. As soon as it shifts into 3nd prime, I hold the + button on the shifter for a second or two so that it is in drive range. From then on, the truck is in normal mode. If you think about it, you'll see that I've essentially had the shift indicator showing the next gear up, so that I'm staying ahead of the transmission. This prevents me from ever reacting too late and hitting the rev limiter. The only condition that must be met for the transmission to use 2nd prime is that the gear selector must be advanced from 2 to 3 WHILE THE TRANSMISSION IS ACTUALLY IN 2ND GEAR. Simply selecting 3 while waiting at the starting line will NOT do it. My method keeps you from having to watch the tach like a hawk, which in turn means you won't accidentally delay a shift and hit the rev limiter.

For launching the truck, I run it up against the converter GENTLY before leaving the line. Probably 1500 rpm or so should do it. If you try to really run it up against the converter hard it seems to trigger some extra torque management, either that or you blow the tires away. When I go to leave, I press the pedal to the floor in a controlled fashion, I don't slam it.
As for my speed in 4th gear, I think that's the gear I finish the pass in. If so, that would be 98.6 mph, which is my best trap speed so far.
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