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As stated, the Viper engine and the cast iron V10 truck engine do not have common parts. You want some Viper performance? Swap in a Viper motor.

But, since that's probably not a good economic solution, I do have a suggestion on the PCM. Contact B&G Performance. They have performance PCM's for a LOT of cars and trucks.

Regarding exhaust, you can either investigate Kooks and ARH for a long tube header application or have some built to your engine's specifications.

For the V10, your CAI options are a bit limited but I'd look at K&N for an open filter type or AFE for a semi-enclosed unit or Volant for a totally closed unit. You'll need to know the OD of your TB inlet.

Forget about throttle body spacers...just forget about them.

Opening up the intake and exhaust is a time honored and effective modification. In your case, I'd use a local exhaust shop to install a nice, true dual system with a crossover pipe and the mufflers of your choice.

Good luck with the mods!!!
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