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Hello All,

New member here and a first time Hemi Owner. I had a 2004 2500 Cummins and I loved it. I have drove GM vehicles most of my life, but decided to pull the trigger on a new ram.

I ordered a 2012 1500 4x2 Laramie Longhorn and have a few questions. I am looking to get the best mileage possible out of this truck. 95% of my trips are 100 miles on the interstate. I am thinking about adding a few things to the truck and would like some opinions and recommendations.

I ordered the 3.21 axle ratio in an attempt to maximize fuel mileage. I donít ever plan on pulling anything or racing anyone so losing the low end torque doesnít bother me.

Could adding a cold air intake, exhaust, and programmer help get better mileage?

Yes. You won't find a programmer yet for the 2012's as Dodge encrypted the PCM sofware and they haven't broken the encryption yet.

I also am considering hid and led lights and a lockpick for the navigation system. Any experience with these items?

HID's are nice but make sure you get a quality kit that is designed for the Dodge truck otherwise you are gonna have functionality problems. When you say "led lights" are you referring to tail lights, 3rd brakelight, etc??? The lockpick works great for hacking a nav system to change destinations while moving.

I saw on the Mopar website that there was an option to get a kicker subwoofer for the 2011 trucks. Has anyone ever upgraded the subwoofer and is the kicker subwoofer available for the 2012ís?

I upgraded to the Kicker products for my Ram and it was a waste of money. Even the so-called "Premium" systems licensed by Dodge suck. You are better off going aftermarket with a new amp and quality sub.

I am also considering an extended warranty. I donít know much about these hemi engines or transmissions. Would an extended warranty be a good idea?

I got one for my Ram and my SRT. The one on the Ram has paid off, big time. I had a $2100 repair which cost me $100. I had a $900 repair which cost me $100. So basically, I had a total of $3000 in repairs done for $200 and I only paid $1200 for the warranty. It's the Maximum Care warranty from Chrysler Service Contracts.

I am sure I will have many more questions and I look forward to hearing from everyone.


Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new truck!
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