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I've had really good luck with the LED bulbs I've gotten from and another good supplier is

There are a lot of LED tail lights out there so remember, ya get what ya pay for. Here's a sample list of what I've found so far:

Brand/Make/Model Source Cost
GoRecon 264179BK $299.95
LED Reverse 264213WH $29.90
Hella 10255801 with CHMSL $300.95
LED tails & LED CHMSL $309.00 $240.00

GoRecon 264179BK with LED reverse bulb & Winch $261.50
DashZ TL-RAM06-LED-JM-YS $209.00
black smoked LED's with 90 day warranty, need LED backup bulbs

The Kicker Mopar Accessory speakers are a very low end Kicker speaker. They put out about 45W RMS @ 4 ohms and really don't have that good of sonic performance. Of course, I am used to a higher end speaker so maybe that's the problem with them.

Looking forward to the pictures!
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