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Default I that predictable?

Ideal A/F ratio for the Hemi tends to vary by engine (some like a richer mixture than others) but a good guideline to shoot for is around 12.5 A/F. My truck likes to be around 12.5 to 12.7 with no appreciable difference in performance.

My 6.1L was initially set at 12.5 (by me with my Predator after some dyno runs) but I found that it liked a little bit richer A/F and it makes its best power around 11.9 - 12.2 A/F at WOT.

That's when I turned it over to a CMR tuner to optimize all settings. From 358 RWHP stock to 379 RWHP with the canned tune to 411 RWHP with the CMR tune was quite the process of testing and tuning.
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