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View of fender opening from engine bay (after airbox removal)

view from the front on a friends Ram with headlight removed at the track to reveal the other side of the fender opening

Close up

The "limited" path the air has to take when the headlight is installed

I've rigged up twin 3" feeder tubes to my Volant Box (Lowes Hardware for less than $20)

Flex pipe extends from 12" up to 20" (I actually used three flex sections and 1 coupler)

First one directs air toward the stock fender port, the other two connected with a coupler to the Volants optional lower port.

Along with my Fastman Throttle Body I'm getting about as much air as possible.

(also have Magnaflow Y pipe and CatBack (no resonators) to free up exhaust flow)

My post from Sept 18/11

Originally Posted by BlackRamHemi View Post

I dont usually post "butt dyno" results, but I cant wait to get to the track!
I added my own lower Ram-Air tube to the Volant with excellent results!!!

Not being the patient type, I wasn't satisfied to wait for Volants release of their lower scoop in November
...besides our Track closes after the first week in Oct.

So off to Lowes for some more flex tube, so now I have Dual 3" feeder tubes to my air box,
one to the stock fender port and one directly to the bottom of the Volant box,
But BOTH force fed and Ram'd from the front bumper opening.

I know a smooth tube would be better than the ribbed flex tube,
but for now this works and I'm out less than $20 total until the scoop is available.

View from the Bottom looking up (Left tube goes to the air box, Right goes up the fender)

View from below where the tube enters the lower port on the Volant box.

from the CAI thread :

She runs consistent 13's now even at high DA (2000'+)
...and would be a Beast at sea level in cooler weather


Murdered.. Lowered.. Alcohol Injected ..Blowered! 500WHP

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